10 Things to Do with Conkers

If your children are anything like mine then you have a nice pile of shiny brown conkers sat in a pile outside your front door (unless you are really unlucky and they have carried them all inside…), we’ve been using these conkers for all sorts of things so here are some ideas for you:

  1. Count them – simple but true! Conkers are a great manipulative for some children to practice counting with – how many did you collect?
  2. Matching number to quantity – you can do this activity either way round – you need some number flashcards and some conkers. Either get your child to match the correct number of conkers to the card or set out sets of conkers and get them to match the correct card to the piles of conkers. If your child is learning to read the number names you could do this with word number cards too
  3. Make a counting game – all you need is a pile of conkers and a dice – take it in turns to throw the dice and then take that many conkers from the central pile. When there are no conkers left in the middle – whoever has the most is the winner.
  4. Sort them by size – who can find the biggest and who can find the smallest?
  5. Conker painting – you need a large tin (an empty biscuit tin is great), some paper, some squeezy paint, a paint tray and some conkers. Cut some paper to fit snuggly in the bottom of your tin,  squeeze paint onto your paint trays, roll the conker in the paint until it is covered, place it in the tin and roll it around letting it make tracks. Repeat with different colours (what happens when the colours overlap?)
  6. Grow a conker tree! Plant some of your conkers in a pot and see if they you can grow one into your very own Horsechesnut tree (patience might be needed here to stop your children digging it up to see if it is growing yet!)
  7. Drill holes through the middle of a pile of conkers and use them as beads to practice threading – a great fine motor activity.
  8. Make conker animals, bugs or fairies… stick conkers together and glue on other natural craft materials to make your creatures – leaves are great for using as wings, sticks can be used as arms or legs, maybe you can even find an acorn cup to use as a hat
  9. Use them as marbles (ok so they don’t roll straight) but it’s great fun!
  10. Have a good old fashioned conker fight!

p.s. I’ve also heard that scattered around the house on windowsills they keep the spiders away – not sure if it’s true but if you are a spider hater it’s worth a try!

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5 Responses to 10 Things to Do with Conkers

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  2. We love conkers, I think they’re beautiful. As a spider-loving household, we would never do anything to keep spiders away. Clothes moths, though, I can do without. After a nasty infestation many many years ago, I read about how to keep them at bay and discovered tales that conkers do the trick – it’s something in the dust as they slowly biodegrade. So now I stick a few conkers in old socks/ cut-off pair of tights and put them in drawers and wardrobes. T

  3. Lovely ideas. I’m off to collect conkers!

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