Silent Sunday / Project 52

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Silent Sunday / Project 52

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Learning Something New – Week 2

So for our week two learning we travelled around the world finding out about different countries and we ate dinner from around the world too. Monday we had Mexican, Tuesday we travelled to Spain, Wednesday we had pizza from Italy, Thursday was Indian and on Friday we had good old British ‘Fish and Chips’! Whilst looking at the different countries we looked at the flags, maps, currencies and languages plus the cuisine (which included looking at lots of different ingredients).

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Summer Library Challenge 2013

If you’ve been reading this blog for a few years you will know that the Littlesheep boys have taken part in the library Summer Reading Challenge for a number of years and this year they have been quick to sign up.

This years theme is ”Creepy House” a scary adventure story illustrated by Chris Riddell. By reading books children work their way around the creepy house meeting some of the scary residents collecting sets of stickers for every two books they read.

The Summer Reading Challenge is great because

  • Children benefit from the summer reading challenge by returning to school in September as more confident readers
  • Going to the library is FREE
  • By using the library you can access a wide range of different books and discover things you didn’t know

See for more details on the challenge and lots of information and activities for children.

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Learning Something New – Week 1

So what have we learnt on week one of the summer holidays?

The first thing I have learnt is that posting what we’ve done each day each evening isn’t going to happen so what I’ll do is post a round up post at the end of the week and then more details of anything that warrants it over the next week.

So week one…

Monday – We went to the library and joined in with the library summer reading challenge (more details to follow). Did you know – nearly 800,000 children took part last summer?

Tuesday – We learnt how to make lemonade. Did you know – if you heat water and sugar the sugar dissolves?

Wednesday - The Littlesheeps planned what they wanted to do in the holidays and I learnt that we can just about get to the seaside for the day from our house by train. Did you know – you can get from Coventry to Bournmouth without changing train?

Thursday – Middle Littlesheep learnt how to make shortbread (and nearly managed it on his own). Did you know – you only need flour, sugar and butter to make shortbread?

Friday – We went for a walk in a wood and identified some trees and these pretty ‘tiger caterpillars’. Did you know – that the difference between a wood and a forest is to do with the historical hunting rights of the crown?

What have you done and learnt this week?

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Learning Something New Everyday

Sorry to everyone who has previously enjoyed reading this blog for the lack of posts over the last few months but blogging ended up at the bottom of the to do list after the arrival of Miss Littlesheep. Maternity leave is now over and she is beginning to have a little routine so normal service will hopefully be resumed with blogging and packing orders fitting into nap times. Of course this return to work coincides with the start of the school holidays which poses challenges of its own – I’ve blogged about that before – go take a read!

If you are looking for activity ideas for your children for the summer you might want to check out the series of posts from a couple of summers ago with their Messy Mondays, Toy Tuesdays, Wet Wednesdays, Thinking Thursdays and Fun Fridays or last years ideas for week one, week two, week three, week four, week five and week six.

There is a saying that you learn something new each day so our challenge for this summer holidays in the Littlesheep household is to learn something new every day and as a return to blogging I plan to share our learning with you.

I hope you have a great summer holidays – don’t forget we have an excellent selection of board games and puppets (which are ideal for rainy summer holidays!) at Littlesheep Learning if you are looking for more things to fill your days.

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Silent Sunday / Project 52

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Silent Sunday / Project 52

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Silent Sunday / Project 52

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Silent Sunday / Project 52

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